The Perfect Recipe

When we want to make the most delicious meal, we ask our moms or surf the internet to find the perfect mix. So, why cant we look at the recipe which helps us to make the perfect impact either in a meeting, interview, party, or just in any place where we need to shine.

Have a look at my perfect recipe for the perfect impact.

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Unconventional Career Options For GenY

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In these days, there is no dearth of career options. Globalization has made it easy to asource talent from across the globe. Gone are the days of a typical 9 to 5 job. The youth now prefers to explore their creative side and do something out of the box. So watch out for a few career options which will be the talk of town.

  1. Cyber Forensics Analyst– Cyber forensics is an electronic discovery technique used to determine and reveal technical criminal evidence. It often involves electronic data storage extraction for legal purposes. It’s a blend of forensics, technology and communications capability, this role is fast becoming a necessity in the business landscape.
  2. Chief listening officer– Chief Listening Officers get rewarded for having excellent listening skills. However, you get praised and paid on your ability to listen to your company’s clients and consumers.This job is all about social networking, so like a Social Media Manager, you focus on blogs, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and beyond.
  3. Personal shopper– Personal shoppers, do two things – they assess a client’s style, and then go on a shopping spree to find clothes, and accessories that will look good on them.
  4. Public Health entomology-Entomology is the study of insects and their ecosystem. A career in public heath entomology will entail research on their effects on human health. Preventing epidemics, one at a time.
  5. Digital Architect– Digital Architecture is a field of engineering that utilizes digital media in the process of its architectural design. Digital Architecture will help in designing the concept, design development, and detail designing of the architecture’s form.
  6. Vertical Farming-A vertical farm grows plants and produce in a vertical orientation, maximizing the use of the location’s square footage. Most often this is achieved through the use of growing shelves suspended on a wall or fence. Because vertical farming uses so little space, it is a popular and preferred method for roof-top and other urban forms of agriculture.
  7. Photonics-The study deals with photons, the elementary particles of light, and helps you master the techniques of emission, detection, transmission and modulation of light. Those who have an immense interest in science and are curious to know more about it are best suited for this course.

Things to avoid when you are looking for a promotion


We all are aware that to increase our chances of promotion, we must first choose a role which has a growth potential, work hard, be polite, have patience, etc. But in the process of doing the right things, we end up doing things which might lower our chances of promotion.

Watch out for these things to avoid, if you are due for promotion:

  • Being unreasonable: while asking for a promotion, we usually accompany our request with asking for a better salary, better opportunities, maybe a location change. This is a big No No. Make a list of the most necessary thing on your mind, and ask for it.
  • Not understanding the organizational culture: many people think that it’s only the seniority which will fetch them the promotion. However there might be other aspects like team leading, communication and problem solving abilities which might give you a promotion. So we need to work on them too.
  • Not defining your untapped skills: A person might think that his work is visible. But to move ahead you need to clearly mention your untapped skills, your newly added certifications, etc.
  • Not matching the job offered in promotion with your capabilities: In the drive to just get promoted, we fail to analyze whether we are capable of taking up the new job roles.
  • Being overconfident: Just because you know that you will be getting a promotion doesn’t mean that you will start taking your daily work for granted. You still have to put your best feet forward and show the bosses why you are the best candidate for promotion
  • Not taking feedbacks: You might be confident about the promotion. But a constructive feedback is always the key to show that you care to improve your quality of work
  • Stop complaining and playing a victim: It’s a big turnoff for management to hear ungrateful employees, and it does nothing to get you what you want. It only hurts your career.
  • Skipping deadlines: If you skip a dead line, that is a clear indicator of laziness, lack of time management, casual approach towards work. No employer will want to promote a person with such an attitude.
  • Being bossy to your juniors: Today in this corporate environment, no colleague wants to work with a senior who bosses while he is not the boss. Just because you are due for promotion, you shouldn’t be a boss to your peers. This would invite complaints which will affect yur promotion.
  • Don’t be desperate: There is a thin line between asking for a promotion and being desperate about promotion. Make sure you are working towards proving your worthiness for a promotion.

All the best for your promotion…

5 Non-toxic ways to handle a toxic colleague


We all have come across those set of colleagues who can annoy us not only when they are around, but also when we think of that person. When with them, we wish to speak out our devilish mind but rather have to resort to polite and diplomatic phrases. In all cases, we must make sure that they don’t spoil our day. Our actions should not empower them. Check out these amazing tips to deal with such colleagues. You can thank me later.

  • Be as clear as possible: Do not think that ignoring them is giving them hints that we are not interested to talk to them. Sometimes you need to clearly set out boundaries or rules and talk it out.
  • Find common ground: In order to make some peace, try to find a common topic to talk on.
  • Reject the co-workers attention: Whenever you’re annoying coworker begins distracting you from your work, politely tell them to respect your space and to only speak to you if their question is work-related.
  • Take it like a humor: Have a sense of humor. Try to see this person as your own office Eeyore. If that doesn’t help, remember that this person is impossible.
  • Avoid negative bonding: At some point, the negative person will complain about something that resonates with you and your circumstance. Do not join in. Don’t even empathize. If you ‘bond’ with someone on a negative issue, they will feel that they have found a partner in their distress, and they will look for you every time they feel something negative.

Personal Branding : Have you created your brand?


The word Branding was initially confined to only companies to distinguish their products or services from other counter parts. But today, this word has a broader meaning.

We as individuals are totally different from one another to the extent that every human being has a different finger print. Similarly, every person is different and it is now imperative that we must create our personal brand. This personal brand creates an image which we carry, and in this process it makes us stand apart from the crowd.

It makes you more recognized, builds your authority and your following.

The English language has given us ample of adjectives like:

  • Charismatic
  • Courageous
  • Gregarious
  • Introvert
  • Industrious
  • Reliable, etc.

In simple words, these words are our personal brands.

Example: I would want to cite a classic example of personal brand: Michelle Obama. With all the efforts and activities she has done, she has established herself as leader of her own. Michelle Obama, a gem-of-a woman, has campaigned and started independent initiatives, visited communities around the world, networked with major leaders, and participated in events no matter big, small, political or social. She has even become renowned for her incredible public speaking skills and constructing articulate, engaging, empathetic, and relevant conversation.

Here is how you build your personal brand

  1. Erase your fake image: Aren’t we all tired of being fake or displaying an image which is not the real us. Ideally, the society wants you to behave and create an image which others want to see. But remember, if we create such an image, we need to carry that for a long run. However, your brand should be a reflection of who you are. Do you know what you believe? What you stand for? What your strengths and weaknesses are?
  2. Speak up: The key here is to communicate. Speak from a place of knowledge and power. Show that you know what you’re talking about, and answer questions in a way that serves your audience. Show that you are confident.
  3. Keep learning: Once you know your area of interest, keep learning more in that particular field. The more you learn, the more you will be able to speak up. The more people will take you seriously.
  4. Direct your actions in the same direction: The moment you understand what your personal brand is, you must direct your actions and activities in the same direction. Nobody would believe you if you say you are a reliable but act as a coward.
  5. Networking: Today networking is the key to almost everything. Connect with like-minded people, associate yourself with similar interest groups.

This is not a job to be completed in one day. It takes time, feedback, patience for the entire process to shape you. But, once people associate you with your personal brand, it will surely leave a lasting impression on their mind.

Ways to sign off your E-mail


Writing E-mails are one of the most crucial ways to communicate formally. However, informally people do use whatsapp, BBM, and other messaging tools.

Email closings are largely determined by the setting of an email. You might sign a message to your mom with “Love,” but would choose a more formal closing when writing to your HR person or a colleague

Here are a few tips to end your E-mail like a pro:

  1. Do not include any quotes. Nobody is interested to read them
  2. In case you need to attach a corporate logo, keep it small
  3. Do not use abbreviations such as “Rgds” instead of Regards and “Thnk u” instead of Thank you
  4. Never use Thanks, always use Thank you
  5. Thanks for your consideration , this can be used in business communication
  6. Looking forward, this is a gracious and warm consideration
  7. While replying to rejection, before the closing remark, use the phrase,

    “Thank you for your consideration” or “Appreciate your time and consideration”.

  8. While congratulating, use phrases like,

    “Keep up the great wok” or “In awe of what you have accomplished”.

  9. While awaiting a response or answer on your mail, use phrases like,

    “Appreciate your help in answering my questions”, “If you’re able to reply by [day or time], that would be great — thank you” or “Thanks for pointing me in the right direction”

  10. Always mention your Name, your title and contact info.

Closing remark,

[Digital signature if you have one]

Full name [typed]
Title and company
Phone number

11. Below are some of the most common professional closing remarks

  • Best regards,
  • Best wishes,
  • Fond regards,
  • Kind regards,
  • Regards,
  • Sincerely,
  • Thank you,
  • With appreciation,
  • With gratitude,
  • Yours sincerely,

How to sound polished and professional


Do you have command over the meeting? Do people stop and listen when you speak? If your answer is No, you are in a soup. You need to work on having an Executive presence. You need to make sure that you sound polished and professional while conveying your ideas under circumstances of pressure and decisiveness.

If you exhibit executive presence, you have a “wow factor”, and you are able to easily influence others. Apart from being perfectly and professionally dressed, words e the weapon which can differentiate you from others. There are times when you have all the knowledge about the topic, but you cannot convey it just because you lack the art of polished speaking.

Here are a few tips to have a more professional way of speaking:

  • Know what you sound like: The very first step is to know how people can hear you. You need to know your tone and command over the language. You can read out a paragraph and record it. You will get to know the areas of improvement.
  • Stop using baby talk: This is an area of problem for many females. They tend to talk in a baby way just to sound sweet and convincing. But Ladies, that’s not your way to success. You need to sound matured.
  • Do not use fillers: When we speak casually, fillers like Um, Hmm, might be acceptable but in a professional environment, it means you are not clear what you want to convey.
  • Speak slowly and clearly: Most of us speak very fast just in order to make a point. But to sound polishes, have a slow tone, increase or decrease your tone as per the topic.
  • Seek out honest feedback: Take feedback of co-workers to know what they think about your communication. They are the ones who hear us and know our areas of improvement.
  • Hear the speaking style of professional speakers: there are various sources where we can hear our role models speak. Listen to them, if needed, imitate them to learn the art of public speaking. Notice how they pitch in different topics.
  • Practice in front of the mirror: A mirror will never lie. Stand in front of the mirror and narrate a text with hand and facial expressions. After all practice makes a man perfect.

Remember that the aim of having a professional image is to be the best possible version of you. Being genuine is one of the most magnetic and memorable qualities anyone can possess. While it’s good to admire and follow the example of role models, you can’t be someone you aren’t, nor should you even try. Besides, faking it is obvious to others and tiring to yourself. So develop your existing verbal skills to excel.